A Second and A Century

from by Elliott Power

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Time still swims through the riches dream
As the squidgy rips passages from my open spleen
From my shelter an angel waltzes into a dream
Silhouetted by a century

Pride's rusty face to an oil drum suitcase
A pupil pales and it flies open to his embrace
As the gun buries his golden heart
Beneath the playground where children chase
The dreams of popes and presidencies
and the adopted face

Out of the womb and into the light
The candle dimly burns and the dove takes flight
Till the cradle shudders at the shadows of sight
The blind man sees through the novel of his disease
Into open centuries

Dogs dressed in daydreams creep round the fence
As the junkie of the jamboree sits in silence
The carousel he dissects dismally
In the toy box of his memory
In the high chair the choo choo train of apple feed
From the spoon of security

Out of the womb and into the shrine
A photo fantasy red carpet so fine
A trophy and a thrill for a harlot anodyne
Shari Lee gathers flowers for free
From the cracks of a paved century

A janitor drops change into a brooding coffee cup of an ageless night
As the sun rises anew and lights all the coke lines and half wines in sight
A tycoon chases gin and flees from inner sin as the roulette reveals the right
To flee from the now yet be here somehow for the squeal of the sow has left the reaper to endow
Everything he sees as a blizzard without a breeze bringing him to his knees

I'm staring at you and you're staring at me
While the postman travels high speed this moment we do believe
and the letter ties together lost leaves living on the same tree

Out of the womb and into the light
The cord slowly swings while holding you tight
The heavens where we live till the clouds turn grey
As space begins to speak and seconds smile today
Through childhood courts and teenage trials we glide
and grow like the grass with the soil on our side
Your master sells freedom from the pawnshop where we play
For in God we trust he'll buy us a way
To the flow of the cash like the blood in our veins
Your spirit is free from the body in chains
A solution so sweet like the lollypop you love
The unwrapping of fate as the checkmate creeps above
On the chessboard of clones for the brothers in black
They tell you you're free till freedoms attack
From the face on the screen and the voice in the box
The war zone defeat is where the trinity walks
The pills crucifix in the canned factory
If the food makes you ill we'll dissect you and see
The money you've spent for the tubes in descent
Your body's a figure and debt you must repent
In the chair hangs the frame of an old age dove
As the conscience it croons for the carefree cherub
Through the raging of the tea and the silence of the news
The wrinkles on your face are melting the blues
Smiles on the wall a human cold sore
Down the hallway once again like always before
Under the sheets a lone burning star
From the window in drift a cancer afar
Now opens the shell of an oyster so tight
The clam we now behold back into the light
Where we see all that we have to be
A second and a century


from High Signs, released March 18, 2015



all rights reserved


Elliott Power St John's, Newfoundland and Labrador

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