High Signs

by Elliott Power

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Self written, recorded and produced.


released March 18, 2015



all rights reserved


Elliott Power St John's, Newfoundland and Labrador

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Track Name: Leaf Year
I am a leaf and I travel down winding paths
With a home on a river that sinks with every spring
Smiles all around like guns loaded with laughs
Lives from the barrels of the faces on a wing
Where the sun still speaks of a breeze that can sting

If you're a rock and you stay with the one that you love
I'll leave you steady through the thunder and the rain
To pour someday on a child and a dove
Bound to the city from the branch where I came
On the heels of a century but I'll always be the same

Oh what is the colour of change when you are free?
Oh what is the colour of change when you have been
silent and rearranged?… but now i'm born again

I am a leaf and I travel down dirty streets
With a home on my back and shoes on my feet
Smiles all around like guns loaded with love
The bruise of a kiss on the lips i'm thinking of
How does it feel when you're living from above?
Track Name: A Second and A Century
Time still swims through the riches dream
As the squidgy rips passages from my open spleen
From my shelter an angel waltzes into a dream
Silhouetted by a century

Pride's rusty face to an oil drum suitcase
A pupil pales and it flies open to his embrace
As the gun buries his golden heart
Beneath the playground where children chase
The dreams of popes and presidencies
and the adopted face

Out of the womb and into the light
The candle dimly burns and the dove takes flight
Till the cradle shudders at the shadows of sight
The blind man sees through the novel of his disease
Into open centuries

Dogs dressed in daydreams creep round the fence
As the junkie of the jamboree sits in silence
The carousel he dissects dismally
In the toy box of his memory
In the high chair the choo choo train of apple feed
From the spoon of security

Out of the womb and into the shrine
A photo fantasy red carpet so fine
A trophy and a thrill for a harlot anodyne
Shari Lee gathers flowers for free
From the cracks of a paved century

A janitor drops change into a brooding coffee cup of an ageless night
As the sun rises anew and lights all the coke lines and half wines in sight
A tycoon chases gin and flees from inner sin as the roulette reveals the right
To flee from the now yet be here somehow for the squeal of the sow has left the reaper to endow
Everything he sees as a blizzard without a breeze bringing him to his knees

I'm staring at you and you're staring at me
While the postman travels high speed this moment we do believe
and the letter ties together lost leaves living on the same tree

Out of the womb and into the light
The cord slowly swings while holding you tight
The heavens where we live till the clouds turn grey
As space begins to speak and seconds smile today
Through childhood courts and teenage trials we glide
and grow like the grass with the soil on our side
Your master sells freedom from the pawnshop where we play
For in God we trust he'll buy us a way
To the flow of the cash like the blood in our veins
Your spirit is free from the body in chains
A solution so sweet like the lollypop you love
The unwrapping of fate as the checkmate creeps above
On the chessboard of clones for the brothers in black
They tell you you're free till freedoms attack
From the face on the screen and the voice in the box
The war zone defeat is where the trinity walks
The pills crucifix in the canned factory
If the food makes you ill we'll dissect you and see
The money you've spent for the tubes in descent
Your body's a figure and debt you must repent
In the chair hangs the frame of an old age dove
As the conscience it croons for the carefree cherub
Through the raging of the tea and the silence of the news
The wrinkles on your face are melting the blues
Smiles on the wall a human cold sore
Down the hallway once again like always before
Under the sheets a lone burning star
From the window in drift a cancer afar
Now opens the shell of an oyster so tight
The clam we now behold back into the light
Where we see all that we have to be
A second and a century
Track Name: Thoughts Of Shari
The paper, the pen
It shone the rock until the end
Alive inside a colour crystal mind
The picture is black
Dwelling in the comfort of black
She likes to pin her pretty pictures
Now and then

Much of her time she's escaped from her mind
Between blue skies and rationality
She wants to see like she is free
and all of her dreams, they are what they seem
An inverted choice for a mind that has a voice
She only wants to set them free
She wants to set them free
She wants to set them free
She wants to set them free

She insists that they move
and change very soon
She wants a stable man to keep
Keep in her life
Maybe a wife
If he gives up all that he can
and then he stopped doing everything fun
So they could stand one by one
The drugs, the verse
It's only a curse

Her name has changed
The opposite of what she became
She likes to use the names of the criminally insane
She's dark, her skin
Underneath her colours have been
No more
She thinks a normal person is a bore

Inside of her womb, she'll bare very soon
A boy who will charm will come prepared and armed
Against whatever she has to give
Inside of her dreams, they are what they seem
Opulent glory as well as the mystery
She only wants to set them free
She wants to set them free
She wants to set them free
She wants to set them free

The daylight is night
The moon is the sun
and all the clouds are filled with rain
Her thoughts in the atmosphere
To house all her cares
and everybody here will stare
and wonder what will happen when we all die
Is there a heaven in the bright blue sky?
From here to there will we go anywhere?
Track Name: Seashell Girls
Smile little child, the seashells are in your eyes
Smile little child, the seashells have arrived
Go down to the sea
A place to set you free
Dance along the surf
Skin and the earth

Smile pretty one, the starfish in your hands
Smile pretty one, life to understand
Go down to the beach
The sky beyond your reach
Frail beneath the sun
Mother nature's young

Seashell girls are on the run
Dancing the day and time has begun
Settle the sunset, seal the sea
Sleep without worries
Sleep with the sea
Sleeping to see

Smile old man, the seashells are in your eyes
Smile old man, the seashells still alive
Go down in the ground
Like everyone around
Sign off on the stone
Go back home
Track Name: Bums
Put on a smile, go out and face the day
I'll do my best if it's ok
Try real hard then you can hear my thought
Never sure of what i've got

But come with me
We'll eat for free
and show our scars to the sun
and in return
I'll ask you burn
before we live as one

I'm just a bum
You're just a bum
We're looking for more than food
We're just bums

Tell me now how you do use those eyes?
So innate and worldly wise
Crown of thorn with roses in your head
Chosen angel in your bed

So hold me close and push me down
Revive my heart and rip it out
Freeze my soul and hit defrost
Remind me what it is I cost
Track Name: Artificial Man
You're an artificial man
What's a heart? You don't understand
You were made in a petri dish
By some human hand
You developed in a tube
Vitamins you ate over chewed
Still you have to convince yourself
When totally nude

Take a walk through the valley of shadows
Take a walk through the peaceful meadows
With a happy hand
Take a walk where the water is shallow
Take a look where the sun is hollow
and you'll understand

You're a judgemental son
You criticize and blame everyone
Still it is the age old case of
Left brain tongue
I'm a frame made of bone
Hit me with a tree made of stone
I may break but crack a smile
Whenever you moan

It's the need for control
Dragging angels down in your hole
What you hate you compensate with ego
I'm not angry anymore
Guess i'll just forgive like before
It's been fun but now you're fired
There's the door
Track Name: Ego In A Body
You are the sun, you are the stars
and every creature unknown
You are the breath that breaks the cold
The bonds that build a stone
You are the fuel that feeds a fire
You are the flame that we admire
You are these and so much more
But a voice calls like before

"Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey" - Ego in my body

You are a river, a water fall
A quiet steady stream
You are a wave upon a length
and the hurts in between
You are the best of everything
You are the same as a bum and a king
You smile in a tower of ivory
With a voice on the balcony

"Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey" - Ego in my body

You are a spark, you are a shock
You're here right now and here some more
Divine energy
If love is a lock that has a key
Some struggle and some turn gracefully
I am you and you are me
But opinions do not see

"Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey" - Ego in my body
Track Name: Still Tomorrow
By the sleeping of the sun
Lived a woman forever won
She laughed a life and dreamed of tomorrow
On a midnight air she blew
Fields of grass guiding to
A photograph on the door of tomorrow
The road was open but oh so narrow
From a ditch a baby shot an arrow

Seep the hours passing by
I saw the sign in the sky
The solitary song of a sparrow
Ready to live in another tomorrow

By the dawning of the day
Lived a man with a sea to say
Swept away by the tide of time to follow
To a secret shore on bound
Another seashell girl he found
From her hungry heart can love be borrowed?
Many miles he traveled far
Floating fears in a jar
A bottle drifts and someone shifts to sorrow
The road was rich like a pub to wallow
From a healthy heart fell a broken arrow

Seep the hours passing by
Fading signs I wonder why
Sailing on a cloud where sky is hollow
Ready to live in another tomorrow

Seep the hours passing by
Every sound shields a sigh
A lover's kiss two can borrow
Still waiting a lifetime for tomorrow
Track Name: Home
Here is where my place is now
To roam
Here in this familiar town
The air
Fills the space that was always there
The door
The cure for when the heart is sore

You are
You are the pillow beneath my head
Where I lay
Till the weeks begin to shed
The suitcase lays on the floor
Till I walk
Out into winter's roar

I sit besides different trees
and etch
Etch in the bark what has come to be
I'll stare up into the sky
and try
Try to fill the space between you and i
Track Name: Meet Up In The Sky
I want to walk for as long as it takes till i'm brand new
I want to talk till the breezes silence the sea
I want to wait for the mist to part the mountain
So I can climb to the top where the sun I can see
To the top where the sun I can see
To the top where clouds can carry
For down below there's misery

Will you be there if I travel the road you pave?
Will you be there if I sink to an unknown grave?
Will it be time for a fine wine if the glass I hold is empty?
Will you be there if the moon stares
and I trip on the garbage in front of me?
If I trip on the garbage in front of me
If I trip and I cannot see
before the life I want to lead

Is it true that all you'll do is remember
All the sights and sounds that'll pass you by
When you find that you're able to fly
Is it true that all you'll do is surrender
To the sights and sounds that'll pass you by
When you try to use your eye
The one that's in your mind
To make you realize
That the sun isn't as high
When we meet up in the sky

That's the story of my life